Bario Kelabit Highland Development

Integrated Highland Development in Bario

Development Issues – How do you develop Bario and keep it pristine?

“Over the last 45 years till to-date, the Kelabit community still practiced environmental friendly irrigated wet rice cultivation, salt processing from salt springs, agrisilvipastoral system and conserving nearby forest resources.”

Change Is Inevitable.
Bareo’s great asset (next to it’s people), is its environment. The beauty of the Kelabit Highlands is its remoteness, its natural surroundings and how it seems trapped in time. Is this a blessing, or a handicap? In 10 years time, what will the Kelabit Highlands look like? This paper might give you a clue.

This survey was done to gauge problems, issues and aspirations of the Kelabit Highlanders in Bario. A good quick read to get an overal picture of Bario before you get there.

“Based on survey done in May 2005, the highest ranking of problems faced by Bario community were transportation (24%), followed by high cost of living, no electric supply, shortage of manpower and limited telephone line. The type of development preferred according to the highest ranking was related with conservation (60%), followed by eco-tourism, agriculture and research.”

Integrated highland development in Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia: An overview.

D. Jiwan , Paul Chai P.K. , Teo, G.K.  & M. Jiwan

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Curators Note:
This post is part of a collection of academic research and publications done in the Kelabit Highlands. We'd like to sincerely thank the many academicians and institutions from all over the world that have come to Bario to experiment, document, and expand our understanding of the things around us.


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