Bario Kelabit Highland Cat Drop

The Paratrooper Cat Brigade

The Paratrooper Cat Brigade.

It seems like a tall tale, but it’s true. In 1954, the British RAF flew up into the Kelabit Highlands  and parachuted a bunch of cats into Bario. They landed on their feet, and went on with their mission. Some say it was 14,000 cats. How many and why they were dropped? Ask David Labang when you get to Bario.

“A 1954 New York Times article also described the parachuting of cats into the jungle to fight rats”.

PARACHUTING CATS AND CRUSHED EGGS The Controversy Over the Use of DDT to Control Malaria

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Curators Note:
This post is part of a collection of academic research and publications done in the Kelabit Highlands. We'd like to sincerely thank the many academicians and institutions from all over the world that have come to Bario to experiment, document, and expand our understanding of the things around us.

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