Bario Kelabit Highland Salt making

Bario Salt Makes You Smart

“Bario Salt Makes You Smart!”

Now, that’s a claim you’d expect to hear from a snake oil salesman, trying to get a sale off you on the five foot alleway in a shady part of town. However, in this instance, that’s not the case. This preliminary study conducted by medical researchers with established international standards and state-of-the-art equipment deduced that the Kelabit’s famous trait for being ‘intelligent’ is ‘probably’ in the Bario Salt. Hard to believe that the ubuquitious salt can make one smart? Read the research to see the proof. Yes, it does make sense.

“Despite the remoteness of the study area, the schoolchildren in Bario, Sarawak showed higher mental performance compared to other isolated areas.”

Micronutrients and its correlation with mental performance among schoolchildren in Bario, Sarawak: a preliminary study.

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Curators Note:
This post is part of a collection of academic research and publications done in the Kelabit Highlands. We'd like to sincerely thank the many academicians and institutions from all over the world that have come to Bario to experiment, document, and expand our understanding of the things around us.


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